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If you or someone you love suffered from an accident in Fort Smith, the credentialed personal injury attorneys at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm are prepared to represent you. If you have been a victim in a car accident, a medical mistake, or involved in a workplace accident, our attorneys are ready to provide you with our exceptional legal services in order to pursue the justice you deserve. A personal injury lawyer at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm will thoroughly review the facts of your case and will help you navigate the legal process.

Since 1991, the personal injury attorneys at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm have successfully represented thousands of people in Fort Smith and all over the state of Arkansas. Over the last 27 years, we have become well respected in the legal community for our passionate approach to providing legal services to the local community. Our firm has acquired substantial verdicts and significant settlements in complex areas of personal injury law. Our managing partner Joey McCutchen upholds an AVVO rating 8, is a 2013 ATLA Citizen Merit Award recipient and received the Civil Justice Advocacy Award for Outstanding Service to the Legal Profession and the Citizens of Arkansas.

For more than 27 years, McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm has been held to a high regard in the Fort Smith community. We view the people we represent as much more than just clients; we treat them as friends and family. We will fight relentlessly to ensure that the rights of Fort Smith residents who have suffered injuries and illnesses are protected and well represented. If you or someone you cherish suffered a serious injury, contact McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm for a consultation with one of our skilled personal injury lawyers. Contact us by calling (479) 783-0036, by filling out our email form, or by clicking the grey banner to the left of your screen to chat live with one of our legal representatives. We encourage you to read about what makes us different from other personal injury firms and what to expect during your meeting.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

After a serious accident or injury, we understand that you probably have numerous questions. How will my family afford my medical bills? How will my family continue to pay for our expenses if I’m out of work? Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

We always recommend that people who have been involved in a serious accident seek guidance from a skilled personal injury lawyer. As the injured victim, you may be legally entitled to receive monetary compensation to cover some of the costs you have acquired as a result of someone else’s negligence or misconduct. Pricy expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, therapy, pain and suffering, and other losses could be covered if your case is effectively presented. However, without the assistance of a skilled personal injury lawyer, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll receive the compensation you deserve. The legal process can be difficult to understand and mystifying for those looking to represent their case alone. Let the personal injury attorneys at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm conduct the necessary research, handle the difficult phone calls, and carry out negotiations so that you can recover from your injury or illness in peace.

Why choose McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm to handle my case?

If you need a lawyer in Arkansas, there are a number of firms to choose from. How do you know who can you trust to handle your case? Which law firm in Arkansas is known for winning complex personal injury cases? Not all personal injury lawyers are able to deliver exceptional results to their clients at the rates you’d expect. Choosing the right attorney will determine the outcome of your case and whether or not you receive the full and fair compensation your case merits. These are some of the characteristics that set McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm apart from the rest:

Experience: McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm was founded in Fort Smith in 1991 by Joey McCutchen. Few firms can claim to have achieved the same level of favorable verdicts and respect within the community in that time.

Client satisfaction: We know that our prospective clients want to hire a lawyer who can get results. Our skilled attorneys have received glowing testimonials from our past clients for their dedicated efforts in providing high-quality legal services.

Our award-winning team: Each of our attorneys and members of our legal staff are devoted to serving injured clients of the Fort Smith community. Joey McCutchen received the ATLA “Champions of Justice” Platinum Founder Award, is a member of the Bar of the State of Arkansas and Oklahoma, has an AVVO rating of 8, and is well known in the community for creating the Arkansas Community Advocates group, and for his numerous speaking arrangements in the local community. The attorneys and staff at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm are especially qualified to answer your intricate questions and stand as a primary resource to our clients during the legal process.

Types of cases we handle

The personal injury lawyers at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm have effectively handled thousands of cases, from those related to defective products to severe brain injury cases. Below are some of the practice areas we handle at our firm:

  • Car accidents: We have tried hundreds of cases related to car accident injuries including reckless driving accidents, road defects, and rollover accidents. We are well practiced in communicating with harsh insurance companies and are prepared to pursue justice on your car accident case aggressively.
  • Truck accidents: Heavy construction vehicles, 18-wheelers, and other large trucks can be especially dangerous for other cars on the road. We have handled numerous mechanical defect and manufacturer malfunction cases, drunk driving accidents, and wrongful death suits. We have no tolerance for negligence when it comes to truck accidents and will work together to represent your case well.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly devastating for those involved. Head injuries, broken bones, and burns are sadly quite common in motorcycle accidents and can leave victims with lasting symptoms. We understand that speeding, collisions, and drunk driving incidents can all pose a serious hazard to motorcyclists. The attorneys at our firm have successfully negotiated with greedy insurance companies in the past and are prepared to do the same for you.
  • Wrongful death: Wrongful death claims from the loss of life relating to any area of personal injury law are traumatic and life-altering. We are aware of the grief and emotional stress associated with suddenly losing a loved in a wrongful death case. The attorneys at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm are ready to fight for your claim and pursue maximum compensation in order to lessen your financial burden.
  • Medical malpractice: Nurses, doctors, and hospitals are held to a high a level of responsibility while patients are under their care. We are experienced in handling hospital negligence, surgical errors, and wrongful death suits that have occurred as a result of medical malpractice.
  • Child injuries: Injuries sustained by children as result of dog bites, car accidents, or defective products can be frightening for parents and family members. Our legal team will work together to ensure that the rights of children in our community are protected.
  • Brain injuries: The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries can affect your career, quality of life, and emotional health. We know the myriad of ways in which a mild or severe brain injury can permanently change how you experience the world. We are prepared to conduct extensive research and pursue justice in your case for your brain injury.
  • Premises liability: The law usually protects victims of personal injury claims relating to premise liability such as dog bites, slip and fall accidents, and stair collapse. We will put forth our best efforts to see that you receive compensation for your claim.
  • Defective products: Products that are defective, such as pharmaceuticals, toys, and toxic food products can cause substantial suffering on the part of consumers. We are intolerant towards companies who do not take serious precautions to avoid releasing unsafe products into the market. We feel that negligent parties should be held responsible for their wrongdoings.
  • Social security: Each claim that is submitted to social security for benefits such as long or short term disability, insurance or income must follow strict guidelines. If your first request was denied, we can work with you to resubmit your application or help you navigate the appeals process.
  • Sexual abuse: Sexual harassment in the workplace is an offense we take very seriously at McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm. We understand that sexual advances, innuendos, or jokes can create a hostile and uncomfortable work environment and will aggressively pursue the at-fault party.
  • Oil and gas field accidents: Even though oil and gas fields are prone to accidents, employers should go above and beyond in ensuring their workers are reasonably protected from harm or injury. Toxic exposure, pipeline explosions, or transportation accidents can leave victims seriously injured and out of work. Our attorneys will fight negligent employers to ensure the rights of hard-working employees are thoroughly respected.
  • Workplace accidents: Accidents that occur in the workplace that we often see are reckless conduct, injuries that occur as a result of defective equipment, and exposure to hazardous substances and materials. We’ll look into the facts of your case to determine who is at fault for your injuries sustained on the job.

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If you or someone you cherish suffered a serious injury, contact McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm for a consultation with one of our skilled personal injury lawyers. Contact us by calling (479) 783-0036, by filling out our email form, or by chatting live with one of our legal representatives. We encourage you to read about what makes us different from other personal injury firms and what to expect during your meeting.

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