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The Golden Rule

In a recent interview for the Docket, a publication of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, I discussed Take 25 and how others can become involved to help protect children. I’ve included the discussion below. JM Take 25 is a preventative child safety campaign created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The Take […]


When it comes to insurance attorney’s you can only be reminded of “The Runaway Jury” by John Grisham. Instead of you hiring an attorney for a settlement they come to you and offer less than what you deserve. It is not uncommon to hear of people who have been in accidents receiving phone calls from […]


At the 1787, Constitutional Convention there was a proposal to limit the standing army to 5,000 men. George Washington sarcastically agreed with this provision as long as a stipulation was added that no invading army could number more than 3,000 troops. ¹ Sometimes, legislatures just don’t get it. As part of his dedication to the […]