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Joey McCutchen Named Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association President

McCutchen Sexton Napurano – The Law Firm is proud to announce that our very own Joey McCutchen was recently named the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association President for the upcoming year. In addition to his new title, Joey was awarded the Roxanne Wilson Advocacy Award. This award recognizes an attorney with the values embodied by the Arkansas […]

Fort Smith Car Chase Ends in Filed Charges

A car chase earlier this week began after a car smashed into a Fort Smith home and fled the scene. The driver of vehicle was 25-year-old Raylon Triplett. He was driving inside of a Fort Smith neighborhood when he lost control of his car and ran it directly into a home on Meadow Drive. At […]

Joey McCutchen Elected Vice President of Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association

The Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, a leadership organization with a following of over 800 Arkansas trial lawyers, named Joey McCutchen as the new vice president for the 2015-2016 session. McCutchen has been an outspoken proponent of the seventh amendment, as he believes a citizen’s right to trial and a jury of peers is an integral […]