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Fort Smith Mechanical Defect/Malfunction Attorneys

Truck accidents caused by a mechanical defect or malfunction can be as unpredictable as they are dangerous. Sadly, in many cases, accident victims are left to deal with life-changing injury and staggering debt as a result of these accidents. If you were injured in an accident caused by a mechanical defect or malfunction, our firm can help you take legal action against the responsible party, both as a means of pursuing compensation and of helping to prevent accidents like yours from befalling others.

At McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm, our Fort Smith mechanical defect/malfunction attorneys understand that this is likely to be a difficult time for you and your family right now. We can help you work through each and every step of the coming legal process as our legal team fights on your behalf to pursue fair compensation for your injuries. We have the experience and the resources to take on any truck accident claim associated with the following defects and malfunctions.

Brake Malfunction

Trucking companies and their drivers need to regularly inspect and maintain their trucks to ensure their braking systems are functional. Despite the federal and state safety regulations that require trucking companies to maintain detailed maintenance records of their vehicles, the fact remains that some companies and truckers are negligent in their duty to uphold those regulations. When they do fail, and a malfunction in the brake system causes an accident as a result, the responsible party can be held accountable for their negligence.

Insufficient Underride Protection

In order to prevent vehicles from becoming lodged underneath them, commercial trucks must be equipped with underride guards. When properly utilized, underride protection can make up for the discrepancy in the clearance between the top of a car’s hood and the bottom of a truck’s trailer. There are a number of commercial trucks with insufficient underride protection that are on the road today, despite the fact that this regulation has been in effect since 1996.

Tire Defects

There is little that trucking companies can do to prevent accidents that are caused by defective tires other than to ensure that their tires have not been subject to recall. Trucking companies are not likely to share liability for accidents caused by tire defect, unless, of course, they fail to comply with a recall. Rather, it will be whichever company that is responsible for the design or manufacturing defect that may be held responsible for the accident. Our legal team has the experience and resources to take on any company, regardless of how large they may be.

Trailer Malfunction

Truckers and trucking companies alike must take special care to ensure that trailers are properly attached and properly loaded before they take to the road. If the trailer is not properly attached to the semi, it is possible that it will not react the way it is supposed to when the driver uses his or her signals or in the execution of a turn. Under other circumstances, it is possible that the trailer may even become detached. However, even if the trailer is properly connected and fully functional, improper loading or overloading may cause the trailer to malfunction and cause an accident.

Consult with a Mechanical Defect/Malfunction Attorney in Fort Smith

If you or someone you love was injured in a trucking accident that was caused by a mechanical defect or malfunction, you should reach out to an attorney to discuss what legal action you may be able to pursue against the responsible party. At McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm, our Fort Smith mechanical defect/malfunction attorneys have the experience and the resources you will need to take on the company found to be responsible for the defect or malfunction that caused your accident. To speak with one of our lawyers about the particulars of your claim, please call our offices at (479) 783-0036 today.